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:: Sebastian Kördel wins the Windsurfing Euro-Cup Torbole 2015

The kick-off event of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup season 2015 is over now. 48 competitors from 12 different nations participated in the Garda Trentino Euro-Cup in Torbole. On three out of four regatta days it was possible to run competitions and the race crew managed achieve a total of five completed eliminations giving the competitors two discards. The Circolo Surf Torbole at Lake Garda proved to be a perfect venue for high profile competitions. So the event was a big success. Sebastian Kördel (GER-220) is the winner of the first Windsurfing Euro-Cup event of the 2015 season with Vincent Langer (GER-1) and Bruno Martini (ITA-160) an the places two and three.
On the first day of the event two eliminations were run in challenging conditions. The famous Ora wind kicked in unusually strong with wind speeds between 18 and 25 knots. gusts were reaching up to 30 knots. The Italian racing legend and Lake Garda local Andrea Cucchi (ITA-1) used his knowledge about the conditions at this venue to his advantage and was able to win the opening elimination. The second elimination of the day was won Bruno Martini (ITA-160). With this victory the Italian also gained the lead in the result list after day 2. Ingmar Daldorf (NED-191) from the Netherlands stayed closed behind with a very consistent and strong performance in the form of two second places. It seamed as if nobody would be able to stop the two.

But on the second day the German competitors unleashed their power. Another two eliminations were run in ideal slalom conditions. Sebastian Kördel and Vincent Langer (GER-1) dominated the day. Both scored one elimination victory and one second place. The young German hotshot Nicolas Prien (GER-7) surprised the experts with a 3rd place in elimination 4 and confirmed the excellent impression he left already on the first day. After four eliminations and one discard the event results were complete mixed up at the end of day 2. Vincent Langer took the lead followed by Ingmar Daldorf, Sebastian Kördel and Nico Prien. The leader of the first day, Bruno Martini dropped down to position five.

Day three first looked like a relaxing day for everybody. But better late then never the Ora wind arrived with 15 to 18 knots enabling the race crew of the Circolo Surf Torbole to run the 5th elimination of the regatta. This was the day of Sebastian Kördel. The German pro dominated this race in front of Vincent Langer and Bruno Martini who returned to his strong form of the opening day.

On the final day, everybody hoped for at least one more race on Lake Garda, but unfortunately the wind was not strong and consistent enough. The race crew tried to start a sixth elimination. But after an unsuccessful starting attempt the competition was closed and the Garda Trentino Euro-Cup came to end.

The big winner of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup Torbole is the German Sebastian Kördel. With five eliminations completed the competitors have two discards. Together with his impressive performance on the days two and three this gave Kördel the chance to get rid of his weaker results from the opening day. This left him with two elimination victories and one second place and a total score of 3,4 points. "I did it! Today, there was no more racing so I won the Eurocup here at the lake garda. It was a hard fight and I'm happy that the winter training paid off so early in the season. Thanks a lot to my Sponsors and for your support."

Vincent Langer, the IFCA Slalom Vice World Champion from 2013 also left a great impression. With two second places and one bullet he sums up to 4,7 points. It is interesting to see that both Germans needs the first day to get used to the conditions but then completely dominated the Windsurfing Euro-Cup Torbole.

Italys Bruno Martini celebrated a great comeback on the final day and can ensure the Italian presence on the podium in his home event with 6,7 points.

Ingmar Daldorf had a strong start into the regatta. But then he got weaker. So he had to let the Germans and Martini go. Nonetheless he can be proud about his fourth place with 9,0 points.

Maciek Rutkowski (POL-23) from Poland had a few ups and downs in this regatta. But overall he presents a strong performance. With 12,0 points he completes the top-5. "5th in the first Windsurfing Euro-Cup of the year here in Garda. Definetly not the result I wanted, but a good experience and a very good opportunity to tune the gear til the last details."

After the Windsurfing Euro-Cup Torbole most of the racers are heading onwards to the first PWA slalom event in Korea or to various national competitions. But already in two weeks many of them will meet again for the second Windsurfing Euro-Cup of the season. From May 12th to 17th the Summer Opening on Sylt invites slalom competitors and Formula racers to the North Sea with a total prize money of € 10.000,-. This event will also be the chance for many competitors who have not participated in Torbole to enter the fight for the official IFCA Slalom European Championship title. Only a maximum of the best three events of each competitors count for the annual ranking list and the title. So there are still plenty of chances to score.


Top-10 Windsurfing Euro-Cup Torbole Lake Garda 2015:

Place            Sail Number            Competitor
1                GER-220                Sebastian Kördel
2                GER-1                Vincent Langer
3                ITA-160                Bruno Martini
4                NED-191                Ingmar Daldorf
5                POL-23                Maciek Rutkowski
6                ITA- 0                Andrea Rosati
7                GER-7                Nicolas Prien
8                TUR-11                Bora Kozanoglu
9                ITA-415                Marco Begalli
10                ITA-106                Thomas Fauster    

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